ActionGirls: Soldiers Of The Dead Part 1 by K-Fleet

WARNING: This movie contains explicit content and is intended for mature audiences only!! Watch at your own risk (of liking).

Humor: 2
Blood: 3
Nudity: 4
Minutes FF’ed thru: about 5 minutes, chase scenes got kind of redundant
Overall rating: 3.5

In the same vein as Ilsa the Wicked Warden, this film follows a similar formula, but offers lots of hot, ass-kicking women, who proudly show their own.

Helman Himmler is the leader of the new Nazi regime and has a soft spot for hot, naked women, but what straight man doesn’t? Problem is, his right-hand woman, a leather-clad blonde named Adriana, doesn’t appreciate his wandering eyes.

While ransacking the prison, Adriana stumbles across a formula which will reanimate the dead as superhumans. She injects one of the male prisoners, and after a series of convulsions, he breaks free from his chains and beats the shit out of a female inmate. She then trades three captives for a truckload of dead bodies and starts to build her army.

Enter, Susanna and Emily, two badass gun-toting mamma jammas who battle Adriana’s rage-infested soldiers and don’t even seem to break a sweat.

So, what does this film really have to offer? Action-yes, girls-yes, soldiers of the dead-sorta, but with naked gladiator fights, scantly clad women delving out ass-beatings, and a little blood and gore to top it off, it’s sure to satisfy any fan of the genre. Plus, it’s nice to see a new generation of Nazisploitation movies emerge. Since this is Part 1, and the ending leaves you hanging, the next installment is sure to come. Thanks to Scotty for sending me a copy, and I really forward to the follow-up.

If you’re interested in more movies of this genre, Wild Eye pictures will offer their vision later this year with Blitzkrieg: Escape from Stalag 69.

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Anonymous said...

I saw the threailer for Blitzkrieg Escape from Stalag 69, it's seems like more of a period piece, much like a Franco or Ilsa movie. Maybe.

They sure are going for the grind house feel either way.